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Enon Music Group is on a mission from God to help with the restoration of church music and local artists in the gospel music industry. Reverend Dr. Alyn E. Waller, Senior Pastor of Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church, established the label with the purpose of raising appreciation for church music in the industry and, with the leadership of Garland “Miche” Waller, facilitate artists who have a love for the church and Christ-centric lyrics into the business of gospel music.

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Dr. Alyn E. Waller

Dr. Waller is a true visionary when it comes to church and community. He serves humanity far beyond the restraints of traditionalism. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Business from Ohio University, a Master of Divinity Degree from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and a Doctor of Ministry Degree in Ministry to Marriage and Family from Palmer Theological Seminary. In 2014, Dr. Waller also received an honorary doctorate from Lincoln University.

Dr. Waller utilized his music and preaching gifts as Minister of Music at Canaan Missionary Baptist Church in Louisville, KY (1987), and as Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Donora in Pennsylvania (1990). In 1994, the Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church called Dr. Waller to lead them as their Senior Pastor.

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The heart of Dr. Waller’s ministry can be felt through his musical gifts. The Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church Mass Choir and Pastor Waller established the Enon Music Group (EMG) record label and released a 3X Stellar Award nominated album – DR. ALYN E. WALLER PRESENTS ENON TABERNACLE: THE EXPERIENCE. The Enon Tabernacle Fresh Anointing Choir released their debut album TOTALLY, and received the 2019 Stellar Award nomination for Contemporary Choir of the Year.

Garland Waller, better known as “Miche,” is a well-known name throughout the gospel industry. Though he has widely been known as the talented musician and producer for Pastor John P. Kee for 25 years, Miche has played, written, and produced for many award-winning artists.

Prophetic preaching and intentional ministry outreach is supported by our religious music that “prepares people to hear the word of God and inspires people to act upon the word of God.” Through the leadership of Dr. Waller and Garland Waller, Enon Music Group is a vehicle to help bring the industry back to church and the church to the world.

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Digital Distribution

EMG is a sound scan company that distributes all of our artists’ work through Orchard and Sony. We provide this service for all artists in order for sales to be counted and credited by Nielsen’s music measurement tools. EMG’s AtVenu account is used for reporting all physical sales. Artists have the option of choosing the digital outlets (including streaming) or the Big 3 — iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.

Physical Distribution

EMG distributes physical CD’s through New Day Christian. These sales are also counted and credited by Nielsen’s music measurement tool. Physical distribution is not guaranteed. However, it is always under consideration pending the music’s radio and digital demand.


EMG has a team of award-winning, experienced, and professional producers that are led by Garland “Miche” Waller. EMG has had much success with talented producers like Austin Woodlin, Dennis Atkinson, Morgan Turner, and Joshua Lay from Rhyme & Reason Productions. Our accomplishments as a company include 3 Stellar Award nominations in 2016.


EMG uses Edmondson Communications as our radio promotions outlet and is led by Al Edmondson. Edmondson Communications is subcontracted for services and tracking. Their fee is negotiated by EC specialists.

Marketing & Promotions

EMG uses The Bellamy Group as its Marketing and Promotions outlet. Their organization is led by Benita Bellamy-Kelley. The Bellamy Group is subcontracted and handles all aspects of marketing and promotions. Their fee is also negotiated by The Bellamy Group.

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