The Kergyma Community Choir

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Most everyone who has been to church has felt the power of a gospel choir. The Kergyma Community Choir is up there with the greats! This gospel group is here to grace us with the joy of the Lord using their dynamic presentation and distinguished charisma. Enon Music Group (EMG) proudly distributes their faith-based music.

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About The Kergyma Community Choir

EMG’s mission is to glorify God and celebrate the church through song by bringing you the latest and best gospel music artists like The Kergyma Community Choir. Their latest album, “Choir Life,” features their hit "I Do, Don't You" that has vocals from Darnell Williams (from The Williams Singers). It is the perfect combination of jazz, soul, deep melodies, and even a hint of blues that can help guide people to ask the Lord for guidance and celebrate Him in life. This quartet bop is sure to bring happiness to the soul! Listen below:

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The History Of The Gospel Choir In Faith

When people think about church, they generally focus on the deep meaning of the pastor’s teachings. What the congregation might not notice is the wholeness and spiritual connection that a choir performance brings to the table. For many, mass is an uplifting time where they can sing the joyous praises of the Lord and celebrate His name.

Singing has been a part of worship since its inception and is even referenced in the bible when Miriam — Moses’ sister — celebrated the demise of the Pharaoh’s army in Exodus. It also makes an appearance in the Book of Mark when Jesus and his disciples sang at The Last Supper. Even Ephesians mentions singing “psalms and hymns and spiritual songs.”


A New Chapter

For more than two decades, The Kergyma Community Choir has been singing the Lord’s praise through a collection of classic hymns, contemporary praise, and traditional gospel music.

Founded in 2001 by Gwendolyn Williams and Arnold Johnson, this Connecticut-based aggregation of singers set out on a mission to bring visibility to religious choirs and to pass along the word of God through song.

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Music For Your Soul

The Kergyma Community Choir offers a wide variety of soulful gospel music for an array of gospel music lovers. Upbeat and sung from the heart, their melodies are unmatched. They have developed a reputation for producing dynamic music that causes followers to swing and sway while rejoicing in God’s love.


The Latest Hits

The Kergyma Community Choir was recently featured in the Netflix hit series SEVEN SECONDS that features Russell Hornsby and award-winning actress and director Regina King. They also received two 2018 Rhythm of Gospel Awards — Best Community Choir and Best Product Packaging.

The Kergyma Community Choir released a single called "Fill This Place" in 2019 as the precursor to their 2020 album, “Choir Life,” that was released by EMG. Written by David Frazier, ("Power Belongs To God", "I Need You To Survive"), and produced by musical genius Doobie Powell, "Fill This Place" features the signature and sensational vocals of Myron Wiliams. Purchase their album and hear their soulful tunes for yourself!


At Enon Music Group, our mission is to glorify God and celebrate the church through song by bringing the best Christian gospel music to the masses! Reverend Dr. Alyn E. Waller, the Senior Pastor of Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church, established the label to raise appreciation for Church music in the industry and, with the leadership of Garland “Miche” Waller, facilitate the growth of artists who have a love for the church and promote Christian-centric lyrics. Keep an eye on our website for the latest music from the top-gospel musicians including The Kergyma Community Choir. Listen to our station and purchase your copy of “Choir Life” now! If you have any questions, contact Enon Music Group today.

Purchase The Kergyma Community Choir’s Album Today