AJ Evans

AJ Evans

If you love rich vocals, a smooth piano, and a Christian message, you’ll love AJ Evans. Enon Music Group (EMG) is proud to present this young gospel music artist. He has a strong, passionate love for God, which is evident in his music.

AJ Evans released his debut single “Hooked” to share his adoration for Jesus Christ. It’s a song filled with love that reminds us of all God’s promises. Keep reading to learn more about this promising young musician.


A Love of Music Since the Beginning

Alphonso Evans Jr. (AJ) has been passionate about music since age three. That’s when he began singing with the Young Adult choir at his local church. Every Sunday morning, you could find this special toddler at choir rehearsals with his parents. Fortunately, his family has always encouraged his God-given talent.


Influenced by the Greats

Though AJ’s love for Jesus Christ fuels the fire behind most of his music, he’s had other influences as well. When asked about them, AJ named legendary artists such as PJ Morton and Kirk Franklin. He also included his father as a notable influence, as that’s who established his first connection to music.


Invested in His Gifts

AJ has remained invested in his gift from the age of three when he joined the Young Adult choir and even today at age 15. He’s a proud member of the Notables, a world-renowned acapella ensemble.

Because AJ recognizes that he must honor God in all he does, he’s also invested in his education. Though his music career is budding, AJ upholds the distinction as an honor roll student.


You’ll Get “Hooked” on His Debut

In March of 2021, AJ released his debut single “Hooked” to spread his love for Jesus Christ. It’s smooth, crisp gospel music that you won’t be able to get enough of. AJ Evans is an empowering young musician redefining what it means to believe.

AJ Evans is gospel music’s newest artist, and you’re going to love him. As he remains true to his belief that Jesus Christ never fails, AJ and Enon Music Group produce beautiful worship music that helps remind us all of our love for Him.

AJ Evans is available on iTunes now! Contact EMG for more information.