Four Amazing Gospel Artists To Listen To

Four Amazing Gospel Artists To Listen To

Are you a gospel music lover in need of some music inspiration? The Enon Music Group (EMG) is here with a list of some fantastic gospel artists you should check out today. Whether you’re a Christian music enthusiast, a churchgoer, or just someone who loves gospel music, you’ll love these four artists.


Williams & 1/Akord

Zak Williams is an extraordinary figure in the religious music industry. He founded the Philadelphia-based gospel choir Williams & 1/Akord back in 2003, and his mission is to bring exceptional gospel music locally and worldwide. For decades, Williams has created many works of art and won countless awards for his gospel music. His passion and work have truly impacted the gospel music industry.

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AJ Evans

Since age three, Alphonso Evans Jr. (AJ) has been passionate about music. Every Sunday morning, AJ could be found singing with the young adult choir at his local church, thanks to the support of his loving family. His connection to music deepened when he was exposed to the likes of PJ Morton and Kirk Franklin, as well as the influence of his father. With his passion for music driven by his faith in Jesus Christ, AJ Evans continues to share his God-given talent with the world.

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Zack Landry

An incredible vocalist, Zack Landry is a true force to be reckoned with in the Gospel and Christian music world. His powerful performances and sheer faith are inspiring to all who hear him. With his amazing new single "It Can Only Get Better", it's no wonder why Zack Landry receives such great reviews. He is an incomparable talent, and his music will move you.

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Do you like Christian rap music? If so, Supe is the religious artist for you! He is one of the newest and top-rated Christian rappers on the scene. In no time at all, he has become one of the most popular Christian rap music performers on the internet and continues to grow his audience of devoted followers each day. He frequently gives talks at churches and youth groups and is always looking for new ways to spread positivity.

These four gospel artists will surely bring a smile to your face and fill your heart with joy. Check them — and other artists at Team EMG — out online and add them to your gospel music playlist today!

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