Revisited: Our Latest Project

Revisited: Our Latest Project

At Enon Music Group, we are dedicated to glorifying God and celebrating the church through song. We take pride in promoting artists who share the same motivations and produce music that reflects the highest level of spiritual integrity. In this blog post, we are excited to showcase the new project, Revisited, by Zak Williams and 1/Akord. This album features a collection of their hit songs from past recordings, alongside a few new tracks that continue to uplift and inspire listeners. Learn more about this new project and get in touch with our music label today.

Album cover with a man sitting on a chair and looking off into the distance.

Honoring Past Hits

Revisited brings together the best of Zak Williams and 1/Akord's past recordings, reintroducing beloved songs that have resonated with audiences. From the uplifting anthem "Things Are Gonna Get Better" to the heartfelt ballad "There's No Way," this project allows fans to relive the emotional and spiritual experiences tied to these cherished tracks.

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Embracing New Songs

In addition to revisiting their hits, Zak Williams and 1/Akord have included new songs on this album. These fresh additions provide an opportunity for the artists to explore new themes, share new stories, and continue their mission of spreading the message of faith and hope through music. The new tracks on Revisited offer a glimpse into the artistic growth and creative evolution of Zak Williams and 1/Akord.

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Spiritual Integrity

At Enon Music Group, we prioritize spiritual integrity in all our endeavors. We believe in supporting artists who align with this principle and produce music that uplifts and inspires. Zak Williams and 1/Akord have consistently demonstrated a deep commitment to their faith, using their talents to share a witness of God through song. Revisited upholds this integrity, delivering music that touches the soul and strengthens the spirit.

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Empowering Artists

Zak Williams and 1/Akord have been able to share their music and message with a broader community of listeners. They have shared the stage with likes of Earnest Pugh, The Williams Singers, Pastor John P. Kee, Bishop Hezekiah Walker and many others. These are some of the definitive artists of this new age gospel.

Revisited by Zak Williams and 1/Akord is a remarkable project that celebrates the past while embracing the future. This project showcases hit songs from previous recordings alongside fresh tracks, all delivered with spiritual integrity. At Enon Music Group, we are proud to support artists like Zak Williams and 1/Akord, who share our mission of glorifying God and spreading the message of faith through music. We invite you to join us on this musical journey and experience the uplifting power of Revisited. Stay connected to learn more!

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